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Latest Release: Dialogue 2.0

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What is Dialogue?

Dialogue is a simple app that lets you store and browse your exported WhatsApp chats.

Dialogue works across your iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices and syncs the imported chats across these devices using iCloud.

Dialogue supports importing your media from WhatsApp chats. Limitation - Currently, the media items are not synced across your other iOS, iPadOS, or macOS devices. Only the device which imported the chat would have access to the media files. This capability would be added in the future.

Dialogue doesn't collect your data or track you or your usage of the app. There's no account to create and your data only lives on your devices and on your personal iCloud.

The core features of the app are free to use, and will always be. Analyzing your chats requires a one-time in-app purchase. Tipping is optional and can be done on the app.

A deck showing various apple devices running the Dialogue app. App icon of Dialogue.

The Story

Dialogue was made for my personal use when I decided to quit WhatsApp.

I always hated using WhatsApp. Let me make it clear that I think WhatsApp is an incredible app and platform. The team behind it has done an amazing job in connecting people who own all kinds of devices. But I was never confident about having my data with a Facebook-owned company.

When WhatsApp's new accept-or-leave Privacy Policy came out, I knew it was my time to quit it. I was already using Signal to communicate with most people I spoke to often. WhatsApp was mostly used for work. I wanted to keep these conversations stored for posterity even after I deleted WhatsApp.

Enter: Dialogue.

Dialogue was majorly built over a weekend using mostly SwiftUI, Combine, Core Data, and CloudKit.

I liked how it turned out and asked some of my friends who said they totally wanted such an app. I decided to release it on the App Store.

- Vishal (The Developer)

App icon of Dialogue.
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